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This program will create a copy of the file structure of a computer and allow you to access it on any other computer without a network connection! What is it for? Suppose your colleagues cannot find an important file when you are away and you do not remember the path to it. Use your home computer to open the exact copy of the file structure of your office computer, find the necessary file and tell your colleagues the exact path to the file by phone. Want to take time to look through your friend's huge collection of media files at home? Make a copy of all filenames in this folder and study them! How does it work? 1. Start the program on the computer whose file structure you want to clone. Click the "Create new" button. Specify the path to the folder whose structure should be cloned. Wait until the operations is over and click the "Save as" button to save the file on any removable media. 2. Start the program on any other computer running under Windows and open the previously saved file. You will see the exact copy of the entire file structure you selected on the first computer. Free lifelong updates will free you from repeated payments and will surprise you with new features.

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